MathQuiz Generator 2.1

This program generates different math problems with specified attributes. It's for 1st to 3rd graders.

A week after I finished MathQuiz Generator 2.0, my daughter showed me a new handout with mixed positive and negative numbers. I added logic to generate questions with mixed signs and it is now MathQuiz Generator 2.1. I hope you can remember how to calculate those and be able to explain them to your children. Try latest version here. You can download source code at this link.

MathQuiz Generator 2.0 is written in PHP. You should be able to access it from just about any browsers out there.

MathQuiz Generator 1.0 is written in Java and JSP. Since this server does not support JSP, you'll need to download the source code, compile it, and run on your own application server.

For complete copyright and other information, please read GNU GPL.

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Screen Captures

Single Digit Addition

Single Digit Subtraction

Single Digit Multiplication

Single Digit Division

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