JavaDegas 1.0.1

Gradius-like, side scrolling "Shoot'em Up" classic arcade game. You can play it now on-line, as long as you have Java runtime installed. And/or download with source code and make it better.

JavaDegas was tested to be fully functional on IE6.0, FireFox 3.0.5, and Opera 9.63 on Windows XP ProSP2, FireFox 3.0.3 with GCJ 0.96.1 on ubuntu Linux 8.10.

For complete copyright and other information, please read GNU GPL.

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JavaDegas Screen Shots

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Screen Captures

Title Screen

Game Screen 1. No Power ups. Energy level is at "Slow Down".

Game Screen 2. One Option. "Option" also fires same weapon as main ship.

Game Screen 3. Two Options with Laser. Laser penetrates everything. Blue energy capsule appears on screen.

Game Screen 4. Three Options, Laser and Shield. Shield protects front of ship for up to 5 hits. Enegy capsules appear after destroying enemy ship in red.

Game Screen 5. Boss Battle.

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